Acupressure Therapy : How to Use Acupressure Points for Migraine Headaches

So with difficulty with migraines. Well, I
really feel for you, those could be extremely severe. My name is Mark Brinson, Doctor of
Oriental Medicine, Physical Medicine Specialist and Pain and Injury Rehabilitation Specialist.
Migraines, I want to make sure that you determine whether you have a migraine or not by listing
of this. Migraines are characterized not only by the severity of the pain, but really you
have other symptoms that go with it. So you might have some nausea, you might have some
balance problems, you might have a little bit of fear of lights or loud noises. Essentially,
this is almost like a whole body headache and they can be quite severe. Migraines are
typically cause by an occlusion or cutting off some of the deepest circulation of the
brain. You got two very small arteries that run up to either side of the vertebrae that
account for only twenty percent of the brain's circulation but it's the most important twenty
percent. So getting those neck muscles as relax as you possibly can is really important.
Also, seeing somebody that specializes like a Neuromuscular Therapist or a Physical Therapist
and working not only the muscles of the neck and tractioning the cervical spine as well,
but also specifically working the first three vertebrae can be very, very important. Now
with migraines there's a few Acupuncture points that you can also use that are quite helpful.
One is located between the bony prominence just underneath the ear and the very back
of the skull, right in between. You're going to notice that the base of the skull, there's
a nice little depth that your finger can sink into. Using this on both sides, going directly
towards the center of the brain can be extremely helpful. Very gently, pressing Du 20, immediately
on the top of the head where the sutras meet can be helpful as well. And using the most
powerful point, for pain of all sorts, especially pain in the head, Li 4 can be really helpful
as well. It's found right in the web of the hand, pressing towards the center of the palm.
You can use each of these in thirty second cycles up to three to five minutes and that
should help reduce some of your pain. But remember, seeking a qualified health professional
to help you with migraines can be very important and you don't have to live them. None of these
issues can be resolve very quickly. My name is Mark Brinson, Doctor of Oriental Medicine,
wishing you a balance and happy day.