How to Relieve Headaches u0026 Migraines | Reflexology

[Music] the reflex points we're gonna focus on for migraines and headaches are the reflexes to the brain head neck reflexes the spinal reflexes and then we'll end with the solar plexus so we'll begin using thumb and finger walking techniques and we'll start with the toe we'll work our way down so with the toe you always want to support the ball of the foot the whole top of the foot here and then you can finger or thumb walk down so supporting the toe in the back you can thumb walk down the toe you want to be extremely thorough if this is something that is important for your friend or family member that they're struggling with so you'll want a thumb walk down up across if you do it here it also lifts and go into a point a little bit more good go at a slight angle on your way up you can support and use your thumb and your finger and go down at the same time [Music] and you could use your finger walking on this part so again you're just coming down with the thing the finger walking right here you can give attention to the pituitary gland reflex you can give attention to these all these brain reflexes you could use a little bit of your knuckle at the top if you want to get in there a little deeper I don't use a lot of knuckle techniques I don't think they're necessary I think the thumb walking is very effective once you've done your whole toe the neck reflex is here the brain reflexes here coming down you'll want to do the spinal reflex so with a spinal reflex you're gonna come all the way from the top and do the entire spine so I'll start here always supporting and then I come down with some walking and I just move as I continue on and I'm taking really small bites here so you're not doing big sweeps you don't want to miss any area and you're going through different parts of the spine – you're going through at the very top here your cervical spine and your thoracic spine and your lumbar spine and these are the end points you're sending the message from this end point to the corresponding area to relax so you don't want to rush that just take your time so you'll want to be you want to do it bilaterally you'll want to do both feet in addition to that big toe you're going to want to do all the toes so with the neck reflexes here it's the same with the other toes you also have the sinuses that come down right here so you could with each toe just give a little bit of attention right there as well and of course at the very top we have the brain reflexes you give attention to all the toes both feet and then this spinal reflexes on the way down and then I always end with the solar plexus hold so you take your thumbs here this is the diaphragm line you're gonna come across here we're in the center there that's your point and you just lean forward [Music]