How to Relieve Sciatica | Reflexology

So we're going to start on this outer lateral
aspect of the foot. They sciatic nerve reflex will come down here. I'm just going to show you drawing the whole
line first. Pass through here, it'll continue on, on the
heel of the foot. And then it'll actually wrap around from the
heel of the foot. It'll actually then course up and then all
the way back up here. So you can see it's actually, the reflexes
are going all the way around and then back up again. Someone experiencing pain will actually often
experience a shooting down pain down the outer leg. Sometimes even in the inner leg. So you're going to want to use them walking. With them walking you're just using this joint
going down and back up a little bit. You're going to go in with constant pressure. Just lift up a little bit and then back in
again when you're doing the thumb walking. So we'll start here and we're going to do
it in one sweep. And we'll want to do that with both feet. So start here and you're just going to thumb
walk the sciatic nerve reflex. It can be very intense if somebody either
has a problem in that area or even someone that has tightness in their hips. So you can see now we're coming down here. We're about to wrap around to the heel. So you go through the heel reflex. You're going to pass through now on the inner
side. And from the inner side you can use finger
walking. And I'll show you on the other foot too so
you can see it from that angle. But I'm just continuing and finishing up there. Now we'll do it on the other foot. So on this side we'll be here. So you could actually start this way too. Either side, it doesn't matter. You come down through here. It could be really tender so check in with
your person. And if there is an area of tension just kind
of lighten up your pressure. You could even stop there for a moment and
just hold and then move on. And I always like to, especially when doing
a protocol for a certain area of the body, while we just did the sciatic nerve reflex,
I'll also want to give attention to the lymphatic groin or Fallopian tube reflex for her across
here using finger walking techniques. Do one at a time or both at a time. Sometimes it's a little bit easier if you
come from the medial aspect inside and then come out. I'm using my middle finger here. And of course supporting the foot with my
other hand and my thumb. I'll always give a little extra attention
to the lower back and here on both sides. And then I'll end with a little bit of angle
traction. When ending any protocol it's nice to end
with that solar plexus hold. That's coming up through here right below
the ball of the foot, about midway through, your thumbs press in. Right. Center there, and then you just lean forward
a bit. And that'll be your protocol for relief for
sciatica using reflexology.