Acupressure Points For Diabetes

Acupressure Points For Diabetes

Liver-3 acupressure point

These are some Acupressure Points For Diabetes. You can trace the position of liver-3 acupressure point on the line between the big and small toe. Acupressure of liver-3 point involves a technique in which gentle pressure is applied on the point to stimulate it. Anti-clock circular movements are drawn slowly to exert pressure on the point. Reduced depression, stress-free mind and improved emotional state are some effects of this technique. It is a known fact that depression and stress are potent risks of developing and increasing diabetes. Therefore, a person’s stress can be relieved by providing acupressure on this point thereby, preventing increased dangers of diabetes. This point should not be pressurised when the patient is tired and weak. Acupressure on liver-3 point can be given 3 minutes a day on feet for 8-12 weeks.

Stomach-40 acupressure point

Situated in the interior part of the lower leg, stomach-40 acupressure point can be located by eight fingers above the external malleolus. The procedure of acupressure on this point includes slight pressure by drawing clockwise circular movements.

Acupressure stimulates the functioning of this point and results in removing the unwanted toxins from the body. Another name for this point is phlegm point.

Spleen-6 acupressure point

Located in the inside part of the lower legs, spleen-6 acupressure point is at the rear of the shin bones and can be felt at four fingers above the ankle bones. This point crosses through spleen, liver and kidney and therefore, is also used in the treatment of diseases related to them. For giving acupressure to this point, mild pressure is exerted on it by drawing anti-clock circular movements in slow speed. For good results, this action has to be repeated for 2-3 months, 3 minutes per day on lower part of both the legs.

Kidney-3 acupressure point

Being on the inner side of the foot, it is present between the side of the ankle bone and the Achilles tendon. Acupressure on this point is given to stimulate it for enhanced functioning. Acupressurist draws clockwise circular movements on the point. This can be given for 3 minutes daily for 8-12 weeks. Acupressure on this point results in improved functioning of pituitary glands thereby, increasing insulin production.

Acupressure is safe and does not have any complication, but it should be practiced by a person, who possesses its complete knowledge.