Points To Relieve Anxiety

Acupressure Points To Relieve Anxiety

Anxiety could be of various forms and types. Almost all of them can cause serious discomfort and a feeling of disjointedness. It can sometimes be acute enough to cause intense chest pain and resulting in a feeling of passing out suddenly. When you choose acupressure for anxiety and associated symptoms, you opt for a natural remedy procedure which is known to provide instant results. Here are some Acupressure Points To Relieve Anxiety-

Acupressure for Anxiety—Pressure Points for Maximum Impact

best effective acupressure points to relieve anxiety

best effective acupressure points to relieve anxiety

The chosen pressure points for acupressure techniques suitable for relieving anxiety include:

  • The first one is termed as the “chest centre”. This one lies right at the middle of the breastbone, under the fourth rib. Take measurement of four fingers just on top of the bone base. Now, you need to shut your eyes and start breathing deeply and slowly, attempting to concentrate. Apply three fingers for a gentle yet steady pressure at this spot. You need to feel the release of tension and imagine that it is quitting your mind.
  • The next one is the spot of the “third eye”. This is the point which is located right in between your eyebrows. To be more precise it is the spot right in the middle of the forehead and the nose bridge. You need to press this point with two fingers as you continue to breathe in and out slowly. This is considered excellent for treating nervousness.
  • Insomnia and tension are common off shoots of anxiety. The most suitable point for relieving this is the “heavenly pillar”. This spot lies one inch below the skull base and about half an inch above the spinal cord. You could apply steady pressure here for an effective relief from nervousness and tension leading to insomnia.
  • The “shoulder well” is the point used to relieve tension, nervousness, irritability and tension promptly. It is a tip which is exactly in between the spine and the shoulder. You could avail of instant relief from nausea and palpitations along with anxiety.
  • The “spirit gate” is considered one of the best acupressure points especially for an effective relief from fear. It is located in the wrist crease towards the side of the little finger of the inner arm. You should press it steadily  in order to relieve emotional instability as well.

You need to remember that acupressure provides relief over a sustained period of time. You need to religiously practice it twice a week on a regular basis. The normal span for the sessions should be no less than 20 minutes. However, if you are unable to battle your anxiety with the help of these simple solutions, consider seeing a professional. He would be the right person to suggest more specific forms of acupressure techniques for effective respite.