Points To Relieve Headache

Acupressure Points To Relieve Headache

What are the Acupressure Points To Relieve Headache. Acupressure is the most natural technique you can employ to relieve a headache. It is a better option than relying on pills which can become harmful when used regularly. All you need is a pair of your own hands to practise acupressure. Many patients have benefitted immensely and quit dependence on painkillers.


Acupressure Points

Neck: Above the nape of your neck and below the back of the head are important points. To find them divide the

back of your skull by drawing an imaginary line at the centre. This will split the stem of your neck into two parts. Spread both of your palms at the upper most parts of the two divided areas. Keep the thumbs down and touch the central line with index fingers. Once your index fingers meet the thumbs will fall in a depression. Apply pressure in this somewhat hollow zone till you feel a slight pain. Maintain a circular movement for a few seconds. Close your eyes for concentration.


Temple: The temple of your face is located between the upper most part of your ears and the eyes. Being a sensitive spot you will not need to put a great deal of pressure here. You can apply your index or middle finger in a similar circular movement for a few seconds. Beginners should not use pressure continuously for more than a minute. It is advisable to stop periodically and resume.


Head: Top and Sides : In three to four steps you can cover your entire head with your palms. First apply pressure on the sides of your head with open palms. After a few seconds let go and put one palm on top of the other on the top of your skull. Now divide the top of your head with an imaginary line at the centre and touch the line with the middle fingers keeping your thumbs stretched out. Apply pressure for a few seconds and release.


Head: Back : Go to the first position described in the neck section. Only this time apply pressure with the stretched fingers onto the back of your head as if trying to claw through. Hold for a few seconds. This is followed by holding the upper part of the nape of your neck with the left palm and two fingers of the right hand pointing on the inner ends of your eyebrows. This will provide greater relief.

Face: The base of your cheekbones can be an important point in relieving headaches. You can apply pressure with the tips of your fingers.


Hands: The web between your thumb and index finger is an easy acupressure point you can employ. Press it hard between your other thumb and index finger till you feel slight discomfort. Holding it for few seconds can provide respite from headaches.


Foot: The top of your foot is also a vital site. The head’s point is located between the little toe and the fourth one as you glide your fingers towards the ankle. Stop in the middle when you find a groove. Do not be too concerned about the exact location as with practice comes intuition.