Acu Magnetic Car Seat, Car Body Relax

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It is based on Acupressure & Magnetic treatment therapy. It is Made up of high quality materials, consist of pyramid & unique Magnetic points. For freshness while driving.

INDICATION: Alertness, leg pain, cramps, piles, sciatica, backache, lumbago, urinary, improves driving capacity & avoids tiredness.

This portable car seat massager is designed with multiple functions for any car seat, office chair or home sofa. It has five motors that massage the neck, back, hips and thighs. Simply strap this massage pad to your chair and it gently cushions and supports your back for a comfortable ride. The gentle vibrations will ease your tense muscles, allowing you to feel relaxed while you drive or work. The new heat therapy feature will help soothe your body! A convenient hand-held remote lets you select target areas where you need a massage, and choose the vibration speed according to your preference. 
Massage Car seat improve blood circulation, eliminate back-ache, relieves fatigue, lighten pressure.
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Magnetic Car Seat-Acu-Mag


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