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Welcome All. I am Jyoti Khatri, Health and
Holistic Wellness expert. In this video I am going to share 2 super effective
acupressure point that will help relieve sciatica pain fast and naturally. Sciatic nerve is
the thickest nerve in our body, which begins in the pelvic, run through the hip region,
to the back of the thigh and ends at the back of the knee joint.
Pain in the pathway of the sciatic nerve or its component nerve root is known as sciatica.
This video is going to be extremely useful for you if you have tenderness in the pathway
of the sciatic nerve, experiencing pain while raising the leg, feeling pain radiating from
back to the back side of the thighs and leg. Also, if you feel muscle power of the legs
is reduced or experiencing numbness of the foot. If, you are new to my channel then subscribe
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Now, lets get started. The first acupressure point helps to relax
the sinews, beneficial for calf, heel and relieving radiating sciatica pain. It is located
in the middle of back of the lower leg, half way between the crease at the back of the
knee and the ankle. You will find a depression between the heads of the gastrocnemius muscle.
Press the tender point in that depression or hollow firmly for 2 to 3 minutes or till
you feel energy is moving. Then repeat on other leg. By stimulating this point one can
feel relief in the pain and stiffness of the lumber lower back, sciatica, difficulty sitting
and standing, inability to stand for long, cramps, weakness of the leg, pain of the heel
and more. Along with treatment of sciatica, it is extremely useful point for the treatment
of the swollen, painful or bleeding haemorrhoids Next acupressure point is good for any problems
related to tendons and ligaments. It will help to remove muscle stiffness, tightness
in the joints and the tendons. Improving strength, flexibility, and mobility of the body. Along
with sciatica treatment, it is also useful in relieving spasm, cramps, especially along
the gall bladder pathway i.e head, neck, shoulder, sides of ribcage, hips and sides of the leg.
To stimulate the second point, treat your left side first and then the right. The second
acupressure point is located below the outside of the knee in a depression or hollow below
and in front to the head of the fibula. You simply slide your finger up the side of your
leg, until you find prominence below the knee. You will find a tender spot in the depression
where the fibula meets the tibia. Press and hold the point for 2 -3 minutes or till you
feel the energy moving. Then switch to your right leg.
On emotional level stimulating this point will help to move stagnant emotions including
depression, frustration, irritability, anger and confusion.
You can press these points 2 to 3 times a day.
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